Thursday, August 14, 2014

brad pitt and world war z

Zombies? Brad Pitt? was an exciting hour of crazy freeking zombies biting everyone. Brad..I was thinking he would clean up a little but he kept his hair is all hippified. He is still cute. He is Sagittarius! I give it a 9 for effort and fast paced special effects..
The droll story of a UN guy who was called to duty, is interesting..and not really believable because it is Hollywood
 I enjoyed this move so much, that I couldn't sleep, it just stayed with me that energy..
It pales next to the dead..
In the Walking Dead, the zombies are slow, you get a chance to think a little.
The winery in  Farmington seems like a good place as any for us to all be together.

I can take my whole family and we will be ok..I wonder if it has a basement? We would have to fortify the building..and not just with would be first come first serve and after the big bad thing, who ever is out there still..well, there would be few out there..our steel doors would open for them..we need dirt for the roof so that we can grow lettuce and maybe have one cow up there. There is plenty of  left over feed in the store up ahead, if you could make a fast run ..and the Tree House health place has crystals..(:)) The cows would be dead too right? The zombies would eat them first.

"hey, while we are out here can we stop at the Tree House and get all those crystals just sitting there in  that shop?"
"are you kidding right now?"
"they have herbs there and golden seal and stuff!"

Vegan zombies..ha ha ha ha

I loves zombies! These zombies  in world war z, they  scared the heck out of me because they were fast and mean and angry and just berserker! In modern movies they do use some awesome  special effects and this film showed how humans can swarm like insects  and when sick with some virus, they change this movie, in about 8 seconds.

"Is a virus alive?"
" No, it does not have living cells."
"Is a virus alive?"
"But is seems to make things  happen  when it attaches itself to a it thinks then?"
"No. I don't know."
"Mom!!" Just watch the movie!"

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