Monday, August 4, 2014

it is the area

They say that about west Bloomfield..hoity toity and big shoes all day like any affluent place. It is great to not be you when you go there..just observe and look at  the parade.  It is the area!

I am excited about some new opportunities at my job..I get do do demo's..
I did not want to at first, I didn't really want to sanitise everything like crazy and then wear gloves and as I get older I do not change geers too easily.

I had so much fun!
I made smoothies all weekend for everyone and they loved me. We even snuck in a body smoothie I whipped up in the vita mix and women flocked..oh, it smells like cookies and cake..
"yea, it does bitches!!" lol
 Good times!
I made two smoothie recipes each day.

Blend 1
frozen 365 tropical fruit blend frozen and organic and under 3 dollars, ice, 1 Tb raw honey, 1 scoop plant protein and any good almond milk.
blend until smooth
it is very refreshing and good  for you..

almond milk

1 cup raw organic almonds
mixed with 4 to six cups water in a vita mix or high quality blender soak for two hours or so in the cooler and strain..toss the almonds in the compost pile not in the trash if you have a place that has your own outside.

Blend 2
frozen 365 peaches
vanilla almond milk ice

Someone asked if plant protein, and fruit was a good combo..It may be a point to consider with meat protein meals with  fruit,  but pea protein, and frozen berries..I think it is ok. I used Vega Smoothie protein. It mixes creamy is why I like it..
Would I take protein like this regularly?
No way! Sometimes, I would! Not all the time. I love real food too much. I often leave out the Vega smoothie mix when I make this at home. I love frozen organic strawberries, one banana,  one half lime peeled, ice and honey with a little water for hot days when I am working outside and I need a little pick me up..
I actually have two blending for skin and one for eating..
I had to. That Vita Mix is the best thing man! My goodness, it saves time.
I can make in to powder,  a cup of pink salt in like 30 seconds! I used to slave over a grinder thinking I was making the salt better if ground by my hand..
and maybe for some things it does make things simple spells I would conjure up in my minds frontal lobe so that I can spread these ideas into concrete form..
But for times when I need a bunch of salt and I need it to not scratch anyone, that grinder is the bomb!

Have a good one my sweeties..I hope you do!

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