Monday, August 11, 2014

making plans

have an outline do not expect things to be the way you rigidly planned.
just sayin'

look at me, (:)) for example..
I plan all these soaps and write about combinations and then in the end I must adjust and  change and re posses a blend..make it more than an idea..leading myself just best soap at the moment is Juniper Honey soap. I only have like three bars left. The honey flower soap which I was told not to criticize by two beloved friends, is quite Delicious and if you get a sample, I hope you enjoy its rich silky sweet honey lovin' on you.
what is that, is that spice?
Is is a flower of sunshine gold.?
Put some on your face, it is ok to do'll feel really good...and after a good wash with it, it becomes beautiful and just awesome..
I am giving a nugget with each order, I hope you tell me how you feel about it. I love you!

Something about burned honey, isn't there?
It takes on a feeling of fall, harvest.
I Ike a fried big banana... butter  and burned cane sugar Caramel glazed on it and then you eat that with a rich creme freiche..

(the creme freiche in this scenario being the body butter you'd put on after wards!)) if you were creating a bathing scenario vision..kind of thing.))

Right now I am using a simple hydrating oil with rose and a shea coconut cream with sweet orange bergamot and pink grapefruit is so fresh!))I put one drop cinnamon and one drop frankincense and one drop black pepper..OMG
so refreshing and way later, you get a little is slightly warming..and I mean drop..

here is the recipe;
30 drops  organic sweet orange oil
20 drops pink grapefruit oil
10 drops bergamot
1 drop cinnamon co2
1 drop black pepper oil
1 drop frankincense oil
1 drop sandalwood

Shake well in a clean container and leave it be for a day or so.. you can take this and add it to your shea butter or any body balm, and, you can put some in vodka and spray a room. It is quite lovely!
I made a whipped shea butter with this blend for my couple in west bloomfield..he was like gushing all over me the other day. His wife is  happy and he is happy and they love my butters!
I do have a has been all practice because of people wanting my skin care..(thank you so much..may I have another?)
I hope I get about 100 of those kind of customers!
He loves the vanilla coconut shea for shaving..Nice!!

I hope you are well and happy on this cloudy day.
I hope that you get to do what ever you want to do and be glad for it. do not be sad. Everything is where you want it to be. Not happy? Why?

In the end it is all about if I had this here and that there I would be happy, then things would be great...
I hear that all day and not just from clients..we all do it. I mean things are what they are. We are still just waking up as an advanced civilization!  We are in the best time to know it..that we live here and now in space in time..what ever that is?!!

I learned about how we measure time and distance in space last week. very cool! I learned about how dark energy pushes us outward faster and faster and I learned that the mathematics makes it look like a giant flat disk and it continues to go faster and faster and pushing galaxies farther and farther apart.. until one day trillions and trillions of years from now, it will all disappear! Or, maybe that is will all implode back into itself and start over..and  they say reincarnation doesn't exist!  The Sun made us..another  grand Sun made ours! Creation is Violent and hot, apparently!
Who knows what you were in another Universe before it remade everything again?
Crazy Hugh?

have a wonderful day!

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