Sunday, August 24, 2014

the pumpkin soap for samhain

Which I used to say it the way it is spelled, lol...
I wasn't a real "witch" back then, I guess, lol:)
it is pronounced "sowwein"..I know, it is some long lost language.
This boy at work is learning Welsh, I think that would be interesting.
lt all goes together..
The Me, being a silly ass and  and samhain pumpkin brew soap, I loves it!
Here are some notes on my next thing.
I bet you could eat all this, but better to wash with it.


1 cup pumpkin organic
whipped into 8 ounces shea butter
1 cup organic creamy coconut oil
a pinch or two of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger,
1tbsp ground grape seeds with black seed oil to add a little bitter and grit.
the ground peel of one organic lemon, slightly dried.

The essential oils..

30 drops nutmeg
30 drops clove
10 drops ginger
10 drops cardamom
1 drop cinnamon co2
 you do not need as much as you think you need, cinnamon co2 is potent stuff, so this is why less is more..
A few drops, (4) tangerine oil..mmmm
combine these ingredients with a ready to pour soap base, make sure you account for the added fat and moisture from the pumkin.

It will have a name.. I always love to honor the women who have taught us and carried us to a safe place with their words and their thoughts and with the way they destroy bound bridges with logic and merriment..
I always like to honor that in our human ways..but some of us are special, yes? That is what I will focus on!
I know, otherwise you wouldn't be here right now, I know, otherwise you wouldn't care about an omega 3 or a carotenoid and anti oxidant like ginger and cinnamon has..they are so amazing to study.

Yesterday, a girl came in  and told me she loves Neroli, and, I was of course immediately drawn to her.I gave her a sample of of the organic in my drawer with a dab frankincense and she loved it..she was wearing one each wrist and she said something changed..we both noted our love of this oil.
Yes, it is expensive but after a long day of people talking to me and the same music day in, neroli frankincense takes me away.She just walked right up and put her wrist to my nose, I saw her coming towards me and our eyes met. I knew her somehow, maybe she comes in a lot... "she is good", I thought.
."I like the right side"
"me too, this one is odd like it went a bad way"
"Neroli turns fast..keep it in the fridge"
"I think oils are the real life flow of earth" she said..
"me too, I think they are the language of flowers"
"That frankincense is pretty good, which is it?"
Aura Cassia, boswellia serrata..Indian frankincense..distilled..peppery and very nice batch from a brand..tenacious and wonderfully healing in every way. I have everyone at work coming by for a dab or two when they are itchy..and with neroli and frankincense you have calm and ability to wait..neroli is heavenly valium. lol
Just saying, you can always order on line, but in a pinch, at a retail store, it is nice to encounter the exquisite now and again..oh, and dream up soaps with friends who want things like me..


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