Sunday, August 17, 2014

speaking of orange blossom soap

It would take at least a quarter ounce to make a block of that. Would it be worth it to charge ten dollars a bar just to enjoy a bar myself?
Sometimes I think this way..some times it is worth it to do this.
I made some time lord soap, patchouli soap and a lovely Pluto Potion Soap and then I couldn't help it, I put a few drops nutmeg in the Pluto Potion..
patchouli, ylang ylang and nutmeg with hints of orange blossom and honey..hints, not a blast of Florida which if know that smell, and I think I is heavenly and lovely!

The Time Lord Soap is made and it is so gorgeous! I put a few drops of the blend which was left over in the bottle on me and I reek of church and forest a peppery knowledge..
ha ha

what is next??
Tonight we make palo santo soap with dog fish head beer
I have enough oils to make a whole bunch.
There was something else..
vetiver cedar with oakmoss soap
Too heavy?

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