Friday, August 8, 2014

the full moon is up on us soon

It is going to be a doozy!

Look at me, look at me and what I have to say and of course look at my ass in my  yoga pants..ha ha haaa

for all of us..
thinking that we are offended all day makes for tense situations everywhere.
I for one being of Libra excellence will not mince words and don't give a crap how many hurt feelings I have to wade through but it  always makes for a little tension, and stresses me out when I can't get through to a loved one. Lucky me, all is well!
I don't even care that much about the world, well, yes I do, and the people I love are going to hear me. These are modern times my friends. A sort of Zeitgeist. (a spirit of the times)
We can talk on the phone to a person in China but ask us to re think  our religion,is like asking us to cut off an arm. We are making slow transitions in time for sure. Jupiter in Leo will help our children now.
As man advances so will the idea that he lacks control of himself fade away and his knowledge of a  magical being is actually him..
I do see that man/woman has created a magical helper and a secret knower of himself sort of thing.
But  what is it really?
I ask myself this all day. I want to know my conscious mind and how I create energy. What do I live for? What is that voice in my isn't a voice is it? It is something else. me sort of thing..I can see where early (ha)) man might think about beyond his ability to understand it..
Guess what, just like the big bang, the mind seems to be a part of all that and more..there are as many electric connections in your brain is as there are stars in the universe..all in our brain... It is what runs all animals, the electrified nervous system and it is elctrified energy.

"hey, you shouldn't have put that cup in the  dishwasher!"
"it is fine, I have done it  before"
"no , it isn't, it is already peeling at the edge!"
"you did that with your telepathic mind!"
"no, I didn't!"
ha ha haaaa

Er uh,,Astrology..Yes, astrology..I like it! Look at Scorpio types, look at them really and tell me you do not see the angry dirt hidden somewhere in some corner of their lives..guess what?  We all have that and Scorpio is a shining intense star and they are perfect where they are and they thrive by doing secret work. Scorpio moon peeps are so on vacation and scorpio mercury peeps are intense debaters.
simmah down, no one is going to take your god away..
but the fact that you are angry  saggitarius honey, is you know I am right. You ask secret questions inside your brain. and maybe you make things careful that you are not making bad vibes read more helps everything.

This intense full moon yea? I like it!
I am going to say that yes, we can get impatient, but it does raise certain points for me..Mars in Scorpio with this Full Moon may also be raising some points for you too. You are pissed when you have to defend any one thing! All of us..with our time thing and our shower rituals and  food fetishes, like, you cannot put an apple with salad or the smell of eggs makes you sick. You will not eat eggs to this day as a result and yesterday all day, people were dicks.
(btw, you can put a nice green apple in a salad just fine..I like medium dice))

Sometimes they are mean, people are,  our family can be mean and our friends push it..good, push it then. I mean why keep things buried all the time?

So now the Full Moon, Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter is festive Leo..there are some damm fine tunes playing somewhere, and parties, and you are resting at home. Everything is fine, do not be mad, you are happy and not sad
you are so pretty and really real as a person
you have every right indeed to ask all the questions
and you should always ponder and reason

dude, otherwise we would all be throwing our women out in the world to be gang
Can you imagine the mentality  of a race that would do that to a female child?  How did this idea get to be so revered to the point that even  today in modern times in  China and I think India too, women continue to kill their girl babies after they are born so that they can have another baby in case it is a boy next time.. See?
They are not allowed to have an abortion in China? It seems like ultra sound would be avalable but isn't see? It isn't. The vilagers are in very remote areas and rarely leave the village because it is so far to anywhere and yet they must report themselves to a man resistering births!
In India, they brought a bunch of toilets for every one  in this one village but no one uses
it is some sort of belief that being  in a closed place is unhealthy.. ( it kind of sounds nice, not!))
That is what a cieling fan is for sweetheart!
In Costa Rica, we would have beers with some local chicas and  we would all be walking home and the chicas would just go and pee right at  the edge of the jungle..just squat right there..
Do you think it is some sort of primative thing? Kind of, yea..right? In the US, you get arested for doing that.

We should get hair cuts and clean  up our faces and see what happens.What is with the bearded boys lately? You think it Jupiter in Leo?
What if they all shave at the same time?
Do it!

I love scrubbing my face with rhassoul clay.

Rhassoul is back in stock at Mountain Rose should get some..I will do the same because I made some damm fine neem soap with rhassoul and it was damm fine. I sold it all  that day but I love it so much that I am making more on Monday which is always soapmaking day.

Rhassoul Clay Soap with Neem oil
Loads of neem oil because some people love it for acne.
I made it with Himalayan pink salt. I added eucalyptus and frankincense oils. that is it..
No blend of any perfume..just the healing potential of the oils doing what they do with the salt and the neem and definately the rhassoul clay. I managed to keep a sliver for myself. It is a winner!
I made a thick lather and held it on my skin and let it dry there in order to allow the neem to do its thing.
Life is good yo..
don't be mad and don't expect too do what needs done and no egos. If this transit teaches us anything it is to be submisive to the right way..always kind and always kinder the next you are as kind as tomorow.
I love you..loads

ingredient list
  rhassoul clay
 french green clay
 himalayan pink salt ground medium fine
 neem oil
 eucalyptus oil
 frankincense oil

Have a good one, I love you!

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