Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jupiter in Leo

Basically the energy is intense because we have to shift gear a little. The kids are going to school, the new babies are here and our plans may have changed too. Again, I must say, if there was a time when you have to not care as much as you do, it is now!

Jupiter in Leo wants us to say everything we feel, how we want things and how they should be according to us..me..
That is when hurt feelings come. People get more detached or get literally raged.
Stop for a minute and gather your bearings and then think a minute. Do not lie to yourself in order to justify your behaviors. That is not going to work.
Things are what they are anyhow.
To make this Jupiter  work for you instead of you struggling..you must be humble and fair to yourself.
You must take each moment with gratitude and joy. It is your best thing!

I want to thank you all for  all your generous orders and support of my shop. It means a lot to serve all of you and I hope you enjoy each product and its vibes as much as I enjoy making it for you!

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