Wednesday, August 13, 2014

neem cream with himalayan pink salt a little note on Mars squaring sun jup

I know right!!
Someone asked me to make it and I am gonna.
It isn't all patchouli is it?

I love patchouli. right now I am using a very old nugget of old whore soap and it is amazing to wash my hands and put on a lovely essential oil butter on my skin.
I am so happy I get to use these ingredients and I know they help me to remember my goodness and beautiful peaceful life:)
By the way, all the flooding here in Michigan yesterday, people were kayaking down the flooded streets and getting all wet in that deep water.
I am glad my house does not flood, but many in Ferndale had feet of water in their basements..I guess there is a whole lot of clay in the soil in Ferndale..That is what I have been hearing.

August is always an ending in a way isn't. Things get burned out and come to a head sometimes and someone gets their head bitten off.
Maybe they need a good bite to simmah down.
simmah down now..
It is mostly good but here we have Sun Jupiter Leo squaring Mars in Scorpio..jealousy and petty trivial pursuits are common in some obsessive type people.
Hey it  is like, "control freak zilla"
why? You should always know why you feel the way you it borderline hate? Why?
Always ask yourself why you do things like this. Why it becomes like a drug and your adrenals get spewed out in such copious amounts that you can't seem to control the need? Hey, best thing ever is, don't be up  in any one's shit..they get pissed even if they do not know about it. Remember  that your thoughts go out father than you can see with your eyes and speak with your  words..

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