Tuesday, August 12, 2014

neptune strikes

Sadness comes and goes my friends, and if someone wants out and kills themselves, and leaves a huge mess behind to clean up, that is selfish.
If you want to kill yourself, go do it in the woods away from the kids! Sheesh.
Great, now you are dead and we have the mess you left behind!
Too mean?
I know it is!
Yes I feel sad about Robin..He was funny and a good actor. I am sad he was driven to such haste.
In the future there will be private studios where you can go die and they burn your body right there. You would have to think things through then. Plan your own demise. I suppose if you die in your bed in your sleep it is just as sad
Isn't  it better than finding someone hanging in the bedroom?

In the words of Sarah Silverman when you are desperate and thinking about the quick cash place that charges 700% interest, "do anything else but that! Go work, give blood, do anything else!"

The desperation and pain you feel from loss, the need for  drugs you need now, the pure lust you may feel for something you cannot have at this moment..
"do anything else"
do anything else
go to the library
go to a lecture
go to the art institute and see some paintings
go take a nap
go read a book in the sun

feeling lonely
facing a bitter past
facing in your mind's eye
a long lost friend
whom you loved so deeply
and hated so surely
a word that was spoken
that tore your heart out
now you keep that as a token
sometimes it is buried in a secret place and
sometimes you remember where it is and dig it up

That is Mars in Scorpio hitting Jupiter in Leo, hitting it hard..yes people leave us, sometimes they just walk out sometimes we ask them to leave..we should..

Be nice, it is the best way.

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