Wednesday, September 17, 2014

thinking fast and slow

mostly slow..I am under the weather as they say and feel like an elephant stepped on my

otherwise everything is home is clean and I have managed to bring the plants in without any mishaps from kitty. She must stay out of the plant dirt so I have it fixed now and she is all sad that she can't go in there..
she runs when I yell at her. I wish my kids ran when I yell at them but they are all growing and we must speak to each other like adults..that means I have to keep it together more than

dark moon times are  when we are about to move in a new direction but it is still secret..hopefully you have not divulged all your thoughts to people that do not care and thinned your intentions..hopefully.

When you talk things too much, the energy goes to the words and not the concrete plan of what you want to achieve.
If you are not happy right now, you should be planning and planning and thinking not spreading your words so thin that they do not matter anymore..

that is my little plan/lesson for the day..I am off to my lecture on the history of minerals..fascinating!
I love you
have a good day

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