Sunday, September 28, 2014

I love my mineral course

It is hard and I love it.
Anyhow, check it is awesome and the seeds of life come from a big bang..

See..first hydrogen was made then helium with a little bit lithium and then they smashed together and then came back together and  made bigger stars which started churning out other minerals, and crystals components. How do they do it?  Accretion!
It turns out through heat and bigger and bigger things smashing together..every time a star goes super nova it gives us things like gold and iron..iron is the last thing a big star makes before it explodes.
and all of that means rock planets like earth can be here..with our silica, made in stars, and our calcium made in stars..bigger than our own.
Gravity brings this in to play big is a force to be reckoned with! It pulls things together and bonds bigger rocks to form our round blue planet earth...where all of the seeds of life can brew us up through  billions of years in time..we are maybe older than our own mathematics!

God/Us is hydrogen!! ha ha! The true seed of life...which is why we should all just relax and breathe.

Also if you say to me the world is evil and expect me to agree with you that some god loves you and me and that I should pray for you?
I would say "of course I wish you all the best things, but if you have cancer and thank god you are still here, it seems like some sort of groveling..why did he give it if that is the case?"
I did not say that to my client..I was my way:)
I said, "all that stuff  isn't real" If god exists, it is bigger than some dirty dungeon with burning bushes and sacrificed lambs and virgin births..a story as old as time)).." she said,  "what the heck, I see what you are saying but just believe in him any how, just in case.."
"that seems sort of false, don't you think?"
"also this whole chosen people thing"
"No, that was in the bible"
"Thou shall not suffer a witch to live?"
I think it was then her eyes crossed.."witch"
This was added to some texts during a time when the books were all translated in one spoke in that way 4 thousand years ago and women had their duties and were stoned regularly"  The word, "witch", was added later...It was added way later by clerics. Today we can analyse the way in which the language changes through each is easier to note these patterns when they are hundreds of years in differences..( I love science!)
You can see a pattern of inconsistencies  in each text of the bible..this baffles me.
it is ridiculous..yet we have been taught by clerics and our families,  constant fear of hell and torture..
Ok, Ok, I will stop. I want us to remember the women who have suffered through all sorts of evil practices by clerics, they were trying to heal their children and make brews..I do not blame them for sneaking out to chant their power to the stars, their voices refelecting  and bouncing off of the moon,  helping them to cope..let go, be free from fear and state their place  on this planet. It is the main reason why I make things, my desire for magic on a level that I find so intriguing..
in the end and the begining,  here on earth, it comes down to how well you cope..Witch/with each changing Tide of weather and temperatures, what you will eat today, and how you will sleep..have sex and loved for happy at home. the place where you go each day and night..each morning you are happy and healthy.

Witch Tide

Above the water I can see in each direction
in the far west a blue golden hued light
I ride on light and have no fear of the water
I can drink it and feel alive
knowing depth having been its deep ridges
I ride on air
my state of being calm
poised and always doing good
there being no fear
my mental broom
sweeping away debris
my discoveries
gemstones made of me
realities like treasure
memories like hugs and affection
sadness always passing away
washed by tears
cleansed by sorrow
once more to rise look at my destination
looking at all corners
bless the east
thank you for the ideas
bless the south
thank you for the power heat sourse to make it happen
the west is your best, love her and thank her
she is like divine mother, ambergris and patchouli and she is like sea salty bravery
Head north now and be one with her
no bullshit
be her
Witch Tide


  1. Hello Anastasia! I love your blog and the beautiful products on your etsy shop. I really admire your knowledge in herbalism, soap making, and astrology :) I'm very interested in learning about these things. Do you have any pointers of how to get started? How/where did you learn herbalism and astrology?
    Thanks :)

  2. My first bookl was penny c royal's herbally Yours..and aftwer many many years in study, here we are. i would begin just one book at a time..any book on herbs..i love the cunningham books on magical herbalism..they are very inspiring.
    Thank you for writing!

  3. Thank you very much Anastasia, I have a lot of reading to do ;)

  4. when i was a girl I read all the greats in astrology, Liz Green, Dane Rudyar and I am still readting Stiener...Robert Hand books on astrology are good although maybe they are dated now, maybe there are better and better books out there.

    I love myth and how we are as a civilization..
    have a good one:)

    1. Awesome, thank you so much. Yes, I'm fascinated by it too. It's so interesting, all the forces and energies that shape us.
      Take care :)