Friday, September 19, 2014

my star taurus and lime basil mandarin goodness

I am so attracted to lime basil mostly because of my friend, Anne. I loves her. I made a lime basil mandarin soap last month but it was a failed mess which will not cure until the end of of winter 2015..some of you may have a soft cushy was too much! Today's menu for soap.. a more stable and overall the  bounty of citrus..all that I have.

pink grapefruit
tangerine from eden which is crisp and fresh, juicy
basil sweet licorice tones
lap sang tea smoked over pine and then that material compressed by co2 (isn't the future wonderful?)
a drop or two patchouli for the smokey tea dry down..the lingering dirty low down!

lemon balm herb from the garden, just the leaves.whipped in a blender with raw butter coconut meat or as the want to call it manna. your

this will be poured over an organic basic soap formulation which I am in master mode with. I mean I have made it so streamlined that it can be taught. I will not be the one teaching it..ha ha Although, I do take an assistant now and again..they have to want it for me to make time to share in soap making..
I want to experience it somehow with you and you will be like , "yea, that is the way I feel" and all through the oils.
I make things for a few special people who love wonderful oils on their skin...they want the patchouli with dirty vetiver because they understand we are all animalistic inside..they know the secret of the dry down on their bodies after along day of this and that..there are memories on you all day here and there..

Now when it comes to the way you really feel and you haven't really addressed that yet. Just remember this, do not be a hater and just relax, sonny, honey bunny.

I will leave you with this poem for the day

hello my dearies friends and loves
the moon is in leo all day and you should not make too much fuss
don't forget to clean up and look pretty though
thank that person who taught you something, who gave you a moment and chance
taught you that you were wrong and take the glory in that.."ah, yes, great idea, I was wrong"
can you say that to yourself or an other person?

try it and see
lets us all see what you can be

just today
not what you were
today until the night when you close your eyes
you should take note of the raw animal lusting for all the goodness and all the fervor and vitality a living thing can achieve..

I love myself and I love you!

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