Tuesday, September 23, 2014

responding to the new moon

Beautiful, this time is!! Happy Autumn to you!!

We have until Samhain to plan and then put  some things away and rest and wait..make cookies and cake, read something wonderful and be willing to learn..
I will make soap for you and a bath oil or two!

I want to evoke a feeling and lingering thought. I want to connect with your dark matter that  holds us!
Invisible Connections!

I want to make tea for you in a soap..
green tea and spices with hints of cinnamon and honey..
like chai with vanilla
and some sort of smokey burnt wormwood.
My recipe so far for this soap is as follows;

og soap base as always

bergamot star anise
green tea co2
lap sang su shong co2

How does this sound right about now??

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