Monday, September 1, 2014

black rose

It is a well known fact by now in science that our brain's memories are continuously being created and so we can never really remember the past, just what we make of it now based on how we live and think and learn new words to say new is wild how amazing our brain is and of course this idea is about me and soapmaking..xoxoxoo

I love rose with vetiver and I know you have been waiting for a black soap of rose vetiver and black charcoal,. "Black Madonna"..Black maiden, Black poor dumb bitch who decided to follow a crazy zealot who got himself hung and tortured because his dad wanted to prove a point which if he was nice and kind in the first place he would not mind torture and allow real torture on  his boy, first, and then blame it on us, like that, but hey after that mess..she had to leave town, she had a child to tend to. So..the story goes...
I am thinking about this story and I am thinking that maybe it is also time to move on..
To  love the rose for what it is and not what it could have, might have been by some one's mythical deeds and caveman like mystical delusions..the truth is, they were all Sun worshipers in the first place, ha!!
So is a rose!

To love the rose for what it really me..the most complex thing on earth..
for real..How many names of different components are there to rose I wonder?

 I am making Black Rose Soap

black activated charcoal
good organic soap base
organic vetiver oil
organic white rose oil

Simple isn't it? I know it is! It is always simple..we tend to complicate things by talking too much about things that are bad for us..the rose is about self control, see? The rose is about claiming your divine right and knowing that you have it. You cannot really do anything you want to her. Go ahead and step all over  the creeping thyme with your bare feet and then try walking on roses the same way..
(  i just planted a bunch of it..creeping thyme that is))
With rose you must always be at your best..and..she will give you memorable beauty.

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