Saturday, September 6, 2014


They tell us all this stuff about it. It is challenging or what they like to say at work, an "opportunity" to find new ways to improve.
I have a hard time deciding the difference between opportunity and a customer being a bitch because she hasn't slept, or ate anything satisfying, or loved herself in a long time..
the early days, you can't sleep, then the flood of emotion and then the feeling that  goes with the copious amounts of cortisol and other harmful chemicals our body spews  when we freak out...
About what, you ask?
Well, if you are a woman and you have made it through age 45/50, you have experienced a couple of certain life events.
fell in love
had a lot of sex
made babies
broke up because it wasn't enough ( things can fall a apart about the time the kid is 3/4))
got married again or had a lot of sex
made a nice house or two
followed your heart 

part two almost sneaks up on you, huh?
sneaks?!! It basically comes suddenly, surprising everyone.
Your family might say to you at times, "you should see a doctor for some Prozac,  momma!"

the crying
the tears about the past
Thicker waist? Love that belly!! Touch it!
 See how pliable  or how firm it is, how soft and how you have relied on your front pouch all these years..
Say every day..
I love my life, I love myself, I am proud of my choices ( I know you are)
I always do my best.

I accept that I am not a sex goddess, an old whore yes. ( I had to mention her, of course)


take some herbs, eat some miso soup

maca is great, I love it
a little greens powder always helps you feel better
dha, I take 500 mg daily, skipping here and there
black cohosh, boring and I never used it because they all come back saying it does not work.:))
"ok, now will you try the maca veggie caps?" "yes, anastasia."
Emritta progesterone cream works great when you can't sleep. It is made from wild yams not some drug..
When I was in Costa Rica, I used one from France and I think it was not plant based..that one worked too.
I feel like it got me trhough some of the sleepless nights.

have a great day and do not let stormy days keep you from the important things, resting, being happy and grateful. It is the best thing.

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