Saturday, September 13, 2014


Sinus by Garden Of Life
It will get  you through your cold if you have 23.00 to spend..
Otherwise it is ibuprofen and like a clock, we are in upper respiratory season!
Take your vitamins, drink water and no more hugs for me..I gotta stay away from sickos today! lol

Strange days, hugh?
Yesterday, was odd too.
For Scorpio it may be about certain life style ending and Scorpio really focusing on their art..what ever that is..they are talented in areas of observing and remembering and really understanding people. I am so excited for them!
For Sagittarius...
there is so much I can say about it. Saturn is about to enter sagg. I know this and I think about it every day.
I have Scorpio in the 11th and 12th houses and my natal Saturn in Sagittarius is in my 12th!
Is it too much life lesson where my gut aches because i said the wrong thing..(yea, some people cannot handle the truth..they get their feeling hurt, it is mostly loved ones)??
Saturn is about to really get real as they say for Sagittarius, Virgo and yes Pisces..did you think you could hide in your cave forever.
For many Virgos is is a time where things get shaken and they move on from one thing to could a job, a marriage or more zealotry..some Virgos will learn to give in mentally a little and realize they are not always right..and who cares anyhow?
Who is right should be the last thing we worry about..

coming out of the dark as they say and some may have eye problems  and other inner ear because what are you seeing? What are you hearing? Does it please your heart or are you angry about the past?
Course be sad about mans choices..I used to think that everything was  sacred..I was asked this question yesterday again..
"if you were to walk into a  temple, would you bow?"
"Yes of course I would because god is everywhere"
Now I  am learning that nothing is sacred and everything and everyone should be questioned..

Saggitarius is about learning, doing and getting respect for your skills. Be careful what you ask for sagg, some groups are so too beneath you. You cannot be their friend. be your own friend. Love everything and everyone..not just "your people"
This is a lesson the whole world  will learn in the next few years.
We are one, we should always take care of our home, our hearts and our minds. The Saggitarian who reads this may be thinking in any language..
he may or may not see the unfoldment, some of it frightening and lonely, some of it so enriched and so ultra rare that Sagg is taken aback. They forget that they set out  to do a task that they love and will flurish in. It is the way of the Archer..His learning is happy detachemnt, her pride is in her stunning array of lighted thoughts! Does she have to say every thought?

More  astrology, less?

have a great day..

I made Bay Rum has these oils in the end..
bay rum blend by anastasia

jasmine grand, a little bit
petitgrain for green
honey beeswax for sweetness and caramel notes
sweet orange
cinnamon leaf
one drop vetiver frangipani co distillate
one drop white ginger Lily vetiver co distillate

the sweet globules of honey and beeswax floating in an organic creamy soap and smelling like sugar honey water with jasmine..
Our life is good!

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