Monday, September 15, 2014

GG Force Bath Oil

GGForce Bath and Body Oil
I always  mix the "master" oils in a separate container so that they marry and fill fresh clean bottles  upon orders. I love these amber glass and then my lovely customer Cressida likes blue bottles, so I stock one or two blue ones for her..
I am really enjoying making this bath oiI mixed everything yesterday morning and it blew me away.
 I guess when you  name something with the word "force", you are gonna get it!

 This formula began with patchouli and rare sandalwood. I wish I could go 50/50 on that but it isn't that way with sandalwood. let us say 80/20 in ratio.
I then  added tangerine murcott, bergamot and a shot petitgrain (neroli)

I kind of got taken by the animal that came out of this blend when I added the cistus, it went right through my head sort of..not in action when I say animal, but for instinct and self control..if we were to speak poetically on that.
I took about 2 ml  and put it on a  plate applied some on my arms and left for work thinking I should have added  more bergamot to lighten it up a little more after that intense cistus addition. I turned right around and did just that..a few more drops of bergamot.

People would walk by and say how good everything smells in this one was me!
"what are you wearing?"
"oh, I am working on a new men's cologne,
it has sandalwood, patchouli.."
"ah, patchouli..sandalwood..very nice, anastasia"

You put on a good patchouli with just about anything, and it will radiate attractive forces..put too much and people get scared you will turn in to a dirty hippy..To that I say, "stop it, open your heart to good patchouli and I shower twice a day, "don't be silly" or should I say, "don't be shallow"
Not being shallow is the patchouli way!
Making our mind and body do things we want, is our way!

When I came home later that evening, the oils had reduced to a tenth of what I had poured on the plate and once again, it had already transformed in to an even more beautiful scent.
I get the top notes of  bergamot and tangerine and then, I get patchouli big and then I get soft silky tobacco, musk and leather has to be because you put too much tobacco in a blend and that is all you will smell is tobacco!

The best time to put this on is after a bath. You can use it as a hair tonic and a body perfume.
I think I have made something very nice.

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