Friday, September 5, 2014

she was mean

and like all Gemini people I know, she loved to look great if not tawdry...she dressed like she should be fat, ha ha ha too much glitter there and she looked better at 81 than at 31, alien and yet better..plump in the face and pulled. RIP and only because I feel like you are an ending to many outdated eras and practices. See ya!
Now you are instantly a memory. I wonder if Michelle O misses her..she called her a man..insulting she was!!

Notes and stuff on my mind..

So we have these new "health bars" at work..buffalo meat and other nutrients..or is it bison..I do not know..but..
if you just  make a fine jerky, people are happy, right? Well, yes, but things have changed. You cannot just go walking around with a strip of meat in your mouth.  There are vegans to consider. Modern humans need swanky packaging and nuts with their meat so they make these bars
It makes me think of The Three Amigos. "how do you like your bat, Dusty?"

Our Universe is now known to us a little more!! We are part of a super super cluster of galaxies which is way bigger than we ever imagined. Previously the super cluster of Virgo, today we have a new name for a even bigger group of "cities" as galaxies are fondly referred to.

"Laniakea", meaning "immense heaven" in Hawaiian. Our Milky way is a wee small part of that..small!

It is so exciting that we can understand so much more now about where and what we are. I mean at least we know something more about what we don't

I do get miffed ( simmah down now)) when we are talking about these things and when we can enjoy the knowledge presented, we have to wade through people and their bible quotes. Sometimes I say things to those people..
Like why do you always have to bring scripture in to everything? Why do you always have to put Jesus in it or the fact that you are a Jew?
I say things because I feel like people like to pretend the world is going to end and you had better be good or else!

The gig, is up!

 The world is not going to end any time soon and if it does, I would like to die doing my duty!

Some guy started with, "if you are searching for god, space is not going to satisfy you"

I say that when searching for information, and details, you are not searching for god, you are looking beyond that idea have new things to measure and sort through. How can you be so scared about the end. It is going to happen. You will die. Everything dies and that is the only "punishment". Your soul, if it exists, is nothing but supernatural stuff anyhow and cannot physically suffer any more and what ever you did while alive on earth, trust me, it is all brain and no body..
And, Space does so too satisfy! It is more amazing than any Bible story or goats and men suffering in a fire pit.

How can anyone think  that god loves you and your people more? That sounds like a bad dictator,lol!
Ancestor worship is common among humans..
I have to say, it was not nice of Abraham to say that his people were chosen by really shows what cave men they all were, perfectly willing to stone their women if they did not cover their faces and..because he did not kill his boy, he made a  symbolic meaning when cutting off his penis foreskin and then finally biting off his foreskin with his mouth, represents this barbaric and disgusting practice.
Now it is automatic..most American do it to their boys..and this is  another rant.

Recently in modern times..a woman was shot randomly in the street (in a Muslim town, I have forgotten)) in a parked car because she was sitting in the car with her fiance' and some Muslim thought that is way inappropriate and shot her. they beat the fiance' senseless, but shot her dead. wow, I wonder if the shooter was found? It was probably her brother who shot her.
Dude!! Get it together!

teach your kids forgiveness
and real facts.
teach them that hate is bad not worthy of them
teach them that the mind is a mystical experience when we study its amazing chemistry..
teach them to cook for themselves
teach them to be kind by being kind
teach them not to live for others
Teach each other to live well, eat well, say good words and but do not hide in fear of truth..
Sweetness in life is what I want for all on earth, I want that.

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