Thursday, September 18, 2014

myrrh balm and Aries bams

They want what they want, I get it, but do they have to always complain that it is not good enough. I feel like cardinal signs are noted for that. Not being satisfied enough.
I want to tell you  that I  love all cardinals but being one ( and certainly loving myself)working with one and living with one my whole life, I must have lessons to learn about being too complaisant or maybe even too aggressive! I want what I want..
As I get older as a Libran I can see mistakes people make and can be quite critical..after all, air types always are! A Gemini will cut you so fast, and smile. you are taken aback  and you  only realize it way later!

And speaking of Virgo, I stood next to a woman this morning at a work meeting, Virgoan, my age, round and very sure of herself who takes Kundalini Yoga and we talked about it..well, she talked..very frankly I might add which I find odd about Virgo as they are so proper overall..and she is like telling me about her and Bob's sex life..
I was a little grossed out when she almost confronted me about mine..
She said kundalini yoga has just made everything so much better and it is a way for her and Bob to do something together. I do not know Bob..but knowing her, he does what she wants, I am sure!

You know what my favite thing to do is? Resting with my soft clothes and Netlix days off, mashed potatoes with butter and cheddar cheese in them, good gravy like my mom makes.. I am dressed all day, work my ass off, remain proper and it is nice to unload the "ladies" when we get home, right ladies?
Ha hahaaaa..and lol...omg, A hot aromatic bath, beautiful bath oil and jammies, food, netflix!

So I told you I have a cold..the worst in years so I should be fine all winter..but I am smelling this new myrrh oil through my swolen nose and I am getting all these new waves of scent I had never noticed before. It is almost buttery in its smoothness, Sweet mixed with bitter..myrrh is so bitter yea? Bitter sweet maybe? Well it is good for us to have myrrh because we need to get rid of whatever anger, jealousy or hangups we have about ourselves, our lovers and our friends..dude, leave them alone, everyone has their own way of can try to remember when you were all fucked up not too far back, ago...I feel like if I were to give myrrh an aspect of itself, I would definately realize that it banishes fear and allows love to enter by letting you be who you are and definately to let go and move on with your life.
Banishes fear?
I think so. Fear is the worst thing for us..I have been so stupid scared, I have cried  to myself when no one would be can be overwhelming when you have so much going on. Right when you think another thing cannot be added to your itenirary, things come up..the whole school thing and.....

 Still another month before Walking Dead!!
I cannot wait!
Rick!! He is a Virgo, Rick is. the actor Andrew Lincoln! Daryl is a Capricorn! My friend, she loves Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl! I love everything about this story..the actors are top notch, the writers, there is a woman who is a big player in the whole story..they love what they do and I love you!

Have a good one.

Myrrh Balm ~ Zombie Shield

1/2 ounce pure natural local beeswax
1 cup organic olive oil
10 mls myrrh

melt the wax slowly in water bath
add the oil when melted
after the oil goes liquid
add the myrrh

pour in to a vessel
apply where ever you want

I like it on my forehead and my wrists..under the nose to protect from intruders..yea!

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