Monday, September 22, 2014

It Turns Out Pluto Is Not Alone With Pluto

There are other little icy planets like Pluto in his zone out there in the Oort cloud where comets are beautiful and how rare and if we only knew that we are also there...

 we are just now. just beginning to discover there are more like him...oh, my!..and no he is is not technically a planet I would like to always say.. Plutonian Vibes are more than he..they are them., now..that means we can change , the truth is always there for you..face it and feel it.

I have been re thinking my approach to the planets in both the reality of what they are and why I have given them meaning based on mythology  having had had glimpses like we all have glimpses of something bigger in reality and what if it is only in my mind?

So what if there are more than one or two little planets of Pluto brethren, the plutonians??

PP Groovin  Pluto Paradise....a little Pluto Potion... a decadent and suave  approach to change..

....about a billion or two years from now..our star having gone red giant and earth almost molten so we,  by then, had been very aware of the potential here.. had already planned to  settle on these watery little planets planets now tropical with strange trees and life blooming for a million or two more years until ...everything freezes back up for who knows how long...until we join with Andrameda..that is a few billion years away..That will be amazing. can you imagine?

*** only one  billionth of the total energy made is matter, all the planets and moons and all the stars in the unvierse, us..we are a small wee part of an even smaller wee part ( a billionth of  something) and
matter can never disappear, it has always been here..
so, "when we meet again" should always be our understanding.
until we meet again..merry meet..


As far as mythology goes, I feel like I can see changes in our society based on moods and cultural backgrounds,  but dang it if I always always feel Mars..he is not always nice!

Where is Mars in your chart right now? That is where learning and new understanding comes the area of the chart which
Mars is in Sagittarius around 6 degrees..
If he is transiting your second house, you will have new money changes, more, and harder working to get it..if you have Mars in the fourth there may be strife in the home or you are re doing the bathroom or kitchen..Mars in the 5th, ..a good time but make sure you are not making sex in to a game. Mars in the, house, papers, sex careful of the too strange, k...
mars in the ninth is so cool! Sagittarius rules the 9th and mars is fierce as a well sharpened blade with ideas and influence..with rewards and payments for past deeds which knowing you, are Honorable and can only bring Goodness. Mars in Sagittarius for all of us,  is about changing what we what we now know and it is about having the rewards of the past in a way..
Looking forward to your best things for the future is Mars in Sagg..awesome right?

Mars in Sagittarius moved through my 12th and I got a cold..did he force me to be sick?
No, but interesting huh? I even took medicine because, I felt so bad..The last time I got this sick, , I was fine all winter after that.. I am ok now..I took loquat syrup with honey and a bunch of other stuff.
only one coffee if you must
green tea
astragalus is nice
tumeric(liver, heart tonic..take it)
 Tumeric goes with Jupiter I think and Jupiter is the liver.

I am going to leave you with this poem..

our true paradise is in our heart..our true nature must never part
with goodness and truth
with rare fortitude
joyful responses and high intentions
exchanging our money with love
each transaction something that heals the pulse of time
each thought transparently potent
creating each memory
doing it with confidense
who are you
making waves?
or are you making morcels of goodness
delicious grand delights?

Do what what want to do. Now you cannot blame anyone else..
are you on a high horse..come down with us and walk sometime..

I love you


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