Wednesday, September 3, 2014

spiriit vibes and no more zombies some say to me

I know the pluto boy balm was ugly, we are all ugly on some days. It was the last second too. I had added some red algea oil and went coral colored.
my geranium lovin soapie said know, when you know it could have been more, like the thing in your mind..the wonderful idea you have about what a blend should smell like..looks? they do matter in some cases, the looks.
All in all it was a respectable attempt to know someone far away who I really didn't know.
Dude, i am intuitive but i am not above the boundaries of human physics.
so, it was a failure? No, it smells so good..I had added so much sandalwood that it freaked the rest of the oils right out. At first it exploded into a violent array of colors what with sandalwood and was when I added the oakmoss that things went the other way..
I made the perfume for pluto  boy in the end and I think he is ok. I also once again have learned about custom orders and how it is not my thing.
I mean I get obsessed anyhow, you know..and then I go outside my creative boundary line..
So I stray now and again and sometimes it makes magic ()) and sometimes it makes a nebula not yet developed..
If you have a blend you want me to make in a soap or cream or even perfume, you mix it and I will blend it like I did for Libra -lula,  that time..she sent the oils and told me what she wanted. We talked on the phone and I really gave her exactly what she asked was a nice blend too, tons of sandalwood and spike nard..
spikenard is not my thing, so I do not work with it much and I must say, all in all, I enjoyed the experience.

What about the amber thing? Are you freaked that i have strayed from aromatherapy?
Okay..don't freak out. :)
I  was pushed into it by some here! Amber Patchouli Frankincense everything:)
I made a soap with wild acorn bud honey, a spray and litttle sweet perfumes with a bunch of animal and a few grains of that paste!
Look, I have had it for is very nice for what it is..and it is one time of year that I make these sticky treats. You will be fine..
it is for those who enjoy this sort of thing..


Black Rose Soap is ready as well a new one I made with roman chamomile and calendula.Organic Calendula Chamomile Tangerine Soap  with lemon balm and ylang ylang

Plain, pretty and pretty dang yummy!
I love you
I hope you have a good one and I am through with zombies till October!
Time to work babies!

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