Tuesday, September 30, 2014

venus sun libra

We are all grandioso
 us Libras,


Check out the moon in Sagittarius!
It means understanding beyond the mundane and knowing this.. deep inside your own mind. Focus on the direction and what it takes to make it safely. This is something gratifying for you. I like it!

What stands out for me during this aspect of Venus Sun in Libra is that,
everything is better and right now it is OK..concerning yourself with trivial matters is what a Libra influence is for.
It means clean up, do your hair and shine as a goddess. Sing it momma!

Here is where Mercury gets to be a stinger... in Scorpio, though..
The truth is the truth and no matter what you say about it or justify or pretend it isn't, it is..

we can be a drag when we deny the facts..just saying.

Here are some examples of a dragger downer..

I have pain
I am tired
I never had the breaks others have had
people suck

The brain's coping mechanism must change that thought pattern in to ..
(it takes two weeks to change your cells mind especially your taste buds)

I will eat more greens today and less wheat and soy
I have all the energy I need
I work hard and do not look back
people love me because I am happy inside and it radiates outwards.

have a good one.

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