Thursday, September 4, 2014

woman of the year around

She is very pretty Kim Kardashian and I do not begrudge her the title at, always clean and put together Libra, big ass, that face..dude, she talks like a chipmunk.
I like her. What, she is pretty!

Libra...she is a Stylin Bitch!
So why all the haters? Do they not like her because she isn't nice? I don't know..all I see is her face on tabloids and magazine covers and peoples comments. They are mean in the comments..
I guess GQ has different standards of what makes a woman of the year. She is the one men want know..bang..It is weird, the mammalian way, our animal lusts..some animals are more equal than others..but I would say that all Libra's have an  elegance about them, and they are rarely dirty or vulgar. (except when they are alone with you..what!!))They get bored or boring easily and,  yet,  they love routine..go figure!

I look foreword to Libra's wonderment in the coming year.
I was telling a friend that we work hard so we rarely get caught not having completed our tasks. Okay, once I started hooking a rug and put it away..not for me..I never finished that project. It was the 70's, I bought a rug that looked  like the southwest and it was shaggy..  Libra is tidy, I stowed the unfinished rug  until one day I tossed it all in the trash.. it was years later..someone drove by and picked it up.
They are pretty much, what you see is what you get"
Good thing some of us have a good dose of Scorpio to  pump our intuitions!

You look at Sagittarius for example, and they can have to have things done before they can do other is like I want to say, get on with it..and I think they have the ability to be gross although they get grossed out by the dumbest things..Oh, Saggie, what do we (as in the stars not we as in me)) do with you but show you the right way and wrong way and you get to choose your team or connections and your success. (reminding you saggitarians that I know at least 4, and this is not about you exactly, plus I am sag rising))
Sagg rising, we are afraid to move forward..fear of success, maybe? Lack of major funding and that puts the draw bridge up for a while. It does. These days, raising money is full time work for big projects and money changes everything. Take this time to review  your inner harmony and ask what you need and what you want.
This goes for all of us.
We had a ton of money once and now we must live within our means. and..we are still living better than we were back then.
Think about it Virgo. Do you often wonder about the past with longing? Well if I know Virgo, the sentimental past isn't how it was then. Maybe we create what we long for just as much as we live and love our  today in our way..
I am not lecturing, I say things..who am I, some philosopher?

It is morning, crisp and clear and the birds are squawking..I hope you make your day productive and ego ego, no hurt feelings..big ego..always defending feeling..
I read that in a book, :))

Let's make balm!

I am getting some sweet little containers, they should be here soon and I will make a very loose waxy bindi that will be easy to pour out yet slightly thickened by a dark beeswax I just bought. It is amber colored, so dark it is! All I could think of is  a dark beeswax lavender soap.. I dreamed about it last night.My higher mind pulling from the past and making reality come forth, just like this..ideas and more ideas..anastasia's ideas!!LOL
I made that years ago..14 years ago. It was one of my most memorable soaps ever!
sigh..the thing about beeswax is that it smells very different every year and gets the color of the wild flowers the bees collected from here in Michigan. I love it here! I get so excited!

Life is nice, be well!


  1. Hey there, babe. How are things, what are you wearing these days?