Thursday, September 11, 2014

the lips

Neil Young is dating Daryl Hannah..
daily mail uk
I am glad for him. He is a sad person who has been through a whole lot and should do anything which makes him happy. He is divorcing Patty.
I feel like we  build walls after 30 or so years..sneaking around with our secret thoughts away from our mate. The things we never show to them, and, the things we show too much which makes them do the same. I love him. I think of him every September because of the song called, "harvest moon"

He  sings so pretty and if you have ever listened to his music, you can see and hear is poetic beauty. Now, his new pal, Daryl, she should not have stuck herself with upper lip injections..I do not think she looks pretty. She has some major body language in every picture..

His wife is gorgeous, Peggy is her name. I like her only because I read his autobiography and she is a big part of his life.
So, people say mean things about them and insult them, My heart wants him to be happy and her too, Daryl Hannah, I mean! And Patty, of course!
and yes, i read the daily mail is a rag, it is my guilty pleasure..also has no filter..they post really gross stuff some days.

...and what about that creeper 57 year old director guy in Hollywood, he is dating an 18 year get it, I do, but keep it together gentlemen,  and do not go there..ah, you already did it now..shit, dude..they respect serial killers more than a sex offender. What difference does a day make in the age of a child?
"she is no child"
I know, some girls go wrong right away, I guess it is a matter of our moral fiber..what ever that means. it means that our morality changes as we continue to evolve. What did you think a million five hundred years of evolution is just enough to make us perfect?
No way! If you trace your great grandparents about 100 times, you will see that you have changed quite a bit. For one thing you live longer. Two thousand years ago people/humans really only lived to about 40..before that about 25 years old and you are a goner..
The best is yet to come. And in my way, I say, "do not waste time..make your brain work every day for you and it will keep flashing and making more space!" Our frontal lobe could be bigger in my opinion. This would make humans less likely to strike and therefore they would be more likely to find solutions instead of going for the weapon first. The more caveman like men are, the faster they die. Look at how agrarians made it and then look at the those fools in the middle east. You cannot eat a gun, fool! They are the real zombies of earth..we need a vaccine to ward of against more of their temples..that is all we need, more zealotry! No!

Morality and its effects..
I wonder if we will change that as well. The day is coming when man will evolve from a need to defend god and his myths..all men all myths, not just the ones you think do not matter to you.
In  Australia, they have the oldest myths about god which have been dated at least four thousand years before the bible.
Something about a big lizard and a boomerang bringing the sun back from the east.
Jesus as well as Mohamed both thought spirits dwell  in the desert and had no idea that atoms exist.
(**interesting factoid**did you know that the distance between the nucleus of an atom and its protons equals to about 15,000 kilometers in relative space and time?))
That is so magical!
In the poetic sense..
The only magic I love to conjure up is soap and food.
I can rely on every ingredient making a beautiful wondrous cake. A flavor, a pillow of wonderment.

Spinning Plates
I watched this last night.
A beautiful film and I cried..that boy, Chef Grant Achatz..dang dude! I want to cry! I loved it!
To listen to a prodigy, a true innovator of his time and his idea of what is beautiful  how far he is willing to go to get a flavor in his food. He even has a distiller..Some contraption that uses a water bath and spins the material, in this case tobacco) and the steam from that was collected in another vessel  just so that he could make a one bite amazing nugget of  food...ahhhh
When I think of soap, I think the same things he talks about. Just the thought of a red berry, conjuring colors of red and orange and to me spices lingering with rare jasmine and deeper yet, saffrons and myrrh..
I got super inspired. It is like this,  do a beautiful job every single time and do not waste time on insignificant things..always clean up and wipe down.
please watch it, if you want to.
Thank you so much for all your awesome orders. I love you!

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