Friday, September 26, 2014

2 mls

They took two months to get here! ( they are glass. I got so seduced.)
They are so tiny, each one holding a half teaspoon of oil!
Not even!

They are so cute:)

100% essential oil  perfumes do not do well for many..what I mean is, people are not aware of oils and their potency which  is why I will dilute with organic is nice and easy..
I will sell these with an easy bindi blend formula so that everyone can have one. I have about 30 of them..great number..

number three~3~
it means celebration because of your holdings. It means gearing up to always attend to what you own and have and are enjoying in this time.
I am making these at $3.50 because I like the number 8 in most things. Eight is about infinite possibilities and knowledge, wisdom) 
I learned that from Mystic Medusa. talk about having insight into something  grander and how it touches us all..each other and what is going to happen. We are always worried about this or that might happen. Open your eyes to the the needs of your daily life and allow for changes to be always easy. That is three all day..
In the Tarot, three, is always three women dancing under what would be a pergola of some sort..a sunset in the background. I love it! It is dancing and doing and being content with your doings..not content? That is what fives are for!

Feeling hurt, left out, and betrayed?
Stop now and collect yourself and always be worthy and hold your head high and your stomach in and chest out.
Surround yourself with only good, those who would shut their door on you, are not your friends!
Also do not beg for god wants snivelling peasants at his feet..
unless it is divine mother who makes you worship hers..ha ha ha

We are surrounded by our children daily, they love us and they are always smarter having access to so much more information that we have ever had and let them show us what is true and what they have discovered to be foremost for us humans. i know that I have at least planted some good seeds in all of my babies and their babies..some are true poets, others will always be engeniers and philosophers..

first and foremost,
my new frankincense forest blend, with everything..just know this, it is so beautiful, you should not miss it. I am just saying!

with the patchouli and the frankincense oakmossy notes

with the patchouli and the chocolate amber notes

flowers in summer
rose jasmine neroli

gg force
patchouli sandalwood lime hints of tobacco

just myrrh

bodelicious binid
a dab of something special for just a little moment in time..
$3.50 each

they are small and delectable:)

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