Monday, September 22, 2014

The Fig

I am drying green figs from the garden. I am not an expert on growing figs, but I wish I had more sunlight and heat for these to fully grow..being Michigan, I am drying these now. I have hunger for fig smelling oil. I have hunger for it you hear me..
what to do?
What to make it smell like figs? I will study all fig blends from everyone and let you know what comes.
How to blend with the idea of sweet fruity musky aroma  of a fig..which incidentally, is really good for you and your belly..and brain...

Some ideas I have on scenting would be..

course real dried green fig infused in olive oil, finely blended
leaves and fruit with some organic cardamom powder, just a pinch..just a pinch vanilla powder, wee little bit...

now the oils...

mastic gum
lavender tincture 
solomon's seal tincture

Bergamot, thyme?
The thyme comes from a very fragrant  organic distilled hydrosol I made last year with that distiller boy from Pontiac..he is gone but this treasure needs to be shared with someone good..bergamot thyme with green fig sounds just perfectly tasty!

Then again, you know how I feel about vetiver..with rosewood? Doesn't that just wet your whistle just a little, now? How long has it been with rosewood? Long, long time!

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