Monday, September 8, 2014

planning our week of fun

I made some orange blossom perfume and if I could make a soap I would, but not yet.

I am being practical because I do not think I should rush in to anything and I feel like I get carried away sometimes with a care for the morrow, or what ever they say..
Tomorrow will not take care of it self if you didn't do anything about it today..that is what I say.

We had a doozy of a storm the other day and it basically knocked down all the sunflowers. The squirrels are going crazy. I gave them all the flowers with seeds, everything! The bunny could not be happier and I almost feel like I should build him a house for the winter out there. He ate all the lettuce I planted and anything else he could. I had some sorrel growing  out there too, come to think of it!
I cleaned up the garden and there are only the fat tomatoes now. I want them to turn red on the vine. They are as big as grapefruit!

There not that many left. When tomatoes come in season, you eat. you eat them everyday and then you long for them all year long because even though you can get tomatoes all year, there is nothing like the one from a plant you grew. It tastes better.

The full moon is almost here. It looks like an amazing reflector light up there. Everything is good. You need to rest as much as you can. Do not run here and there like a crazy person. Be free from that. relax, plan, do one thing at a time and do not freak out about every little thing that isn't done.
Eating seems to be on your mind.
Eating well, that is. 
Eating more fruit and more salad. we look great.
Do some art. Make a delicious dish that your family will love and stay home and imagine the future.

**oils that go with this full moon**

Rulers,  Neptune Jupiter

Confidence - or +

Full Moon in Pisces Bath and Body Oil
Jasmine Bergamot Frankincense
1 drop jasmine sambac
3 drops frankincense
4 drops bergamot in one ounce carrier:) 

Jasmine,because  one remembers how awesome we are or were once and to isis energy!
Frankincense because no fear, no anxiety, calm knowing, om to shanti!
Bergamot to smile, to laugh at life to inhale beauty and to drive away gloom. Om to knowledge and open mind!

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