Friday, September 12, 2014

new batch of propolis balm

Brazilian green propolis balm has been a quiet little balm in my shop.
I had it priced really high because I do not have that much and I wanted to stretch it out a little longer in my house. I consume it daily for the winter months.
I love its effects, more energy and brighter mind..I know, brighter mind may not be a scientific term, but I like a brighter mind.
This new batch of propolis balm has the organic vetiver and today I feel like a little sandalwood would smooth that out a bit.

One will not even notice once the balm has set. I am using all the big players too. All organic rose hip seed, olive and baobab. organic cranberry and organic grape seed oil, plus all the gooey stuff in the proplis blend. red sea algea with the astxanthin and the ph balancing probiotics in the propolis!
it is a beautiful thing and steeping right now. Making balm takes about 6-8 hours from start to finish. Each dab should be loaded with pleasure giving qualities, something that displays my pure love of natiral skin care!
I love it because I know my face feels good after a good scrubbin!
I love the vibrant texure, with no rough spots when I apply an oily balm or shea cream..
Fall is for balms!
More balms, more balms!

When you steep beeswax, you must go low and slow and then with vetiver, you must add him early on as to allow for an awakening of super swell anti inflammatory abilities. This is real too! Vetiver has secret, really small particles that help bring down swelling and pain. Yoga teachers recommend it all the time and it is nice to see women opening their hearts to vetiver..our dirty sweet friend.
I used only three drops Australian sandalwood so it is subtle. That one was nice. It was old and must of gotten better. I put it away a couple of years ago when I thought I didn't have time for Australian sandalwood.:)
I do now!

The menu is soapmaking is coming along..
I will make 8 bars of each of these soap cakes;

bay clove soap with petitgrain pomegranate co2 and silver fir

lemon balm with lemon balm soap

roman cham and rose shea butter soap

organic coconut oil California avocado calendula baby soap with powdered goats milk

Come to me Isis and Astarte bring me my knowledge of the day
open my mind to my secret  best things
an array of colors flavors beautiful understanding and poise
be my dirty whore and be my goddess queen
oops I said me when I was thinking of Persephone

 my elm wych

I use all forces to my best results
I am happy with all that I do
I have no enemies
I am a friend to all
I am happy in my home
I have plenty of resources to accomplish anything I am working on

a fougere' blend 

clary sage
rose geranium
fig (organic from my garden)
grape leaves

I am casting this spell at the early dark moon phase of September
planting my seeds like Persephone and crying when needed like Demeter
remembering that time heals all things
are we going to stop that? I imagine myself on a magic carpet being carried, my carpet is roomy and tidy and red velvet with turquoise and gold trim..tastefully done..:)

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