Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Post Full Moon

Rather uneventful, you say?
It was a quiet yet stealthy time for all who are shallow and think we do not know that they know we do not know but we know..
Sneaking around and scrounging for money so you can get your face lifted and you are an aging man..dude?
It isn't that I disapprove, no. It is that I know you are lying and somehow you think I think it is ok. That there is insulting to my noble creed, if I had one. :))You are lying because  of  all the money you spend on looking young again. it will never happen.
Love those scars baby! Love em!
I feel bad for him.

I know  of someone who behaves this way. They wonder why I do not want to hang out! I only hang out with a very few who make me feel good about myself not schemers in the first place. In the second..I am trying to get better  not sink myself due to some unresolved addictions.
Yes, I have them. We all do and if there is anything one must resolve, it  is their addictions on a full moon in Pisces.
Do not be that person though who is so desperate that they choose always the worst way to live.
I mean, who am I, the police of living?
hah haa

I wonder how we build our addiction to hurt ourselves. It is silly.
I know a Cancer boy who recently had a break up. The girl said she needed a break. he was crushed.
he said he feels guilty.
"Why would you feel guilty?"

"Like I did something wrong"

"That is all your compassion doing that to your mind." "You did nothing wrong, she is growing and not meant for you to be with her forever."

We often think people will love us until the end. They will not..a very small group remain in love all their lives.
The rest of us, fall in love, break up and it hurts like a dirty bitch.. yea?
That sweet boy..he thought it was him when it was her the whole time..
the first thing she said to him was that she gets easily bored and that he was the only one that did not bore her.  The boy took that to heart. I would too, suppose,  I mean , you naturally want to trust your lover..

Have a good one, I love you!

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