Sunday, September 21, 2014

happy stormy sunday to you

It rained so swell in the wee hours of the morning and i feel very good about things.
I am making some beautiful oils and soap and really, that is all I ever need it seems.

How do you feel right now..Mars kind of getting on your ass about your health you have been neglecting?
All of us so do not feel too special right but still, Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Cancer..the diet is an issue.

Why, when I eat bread all day, I know I feel bad..some days I love bread with everything..I have been aware of it and have curbed myself a little is cool..some people even tell me I lost weight. Everything fits the same..
Everyone is so concerned with weight..why?
Just eat good food. You body is your body..I will say this cuz you know, I works retail, the isle ways are getting smaller and smaller with the wide asses I see all day and their carts parked next to them so that now you have to get by by going all the way in to another isle just to get to your destination.
"how did asses get this big?" I will say to myself.
I wonder...

Do you think it is too harsh to admit that we are  more huge than I have ever seen in my life time?

So, Mars in Sagittarius..
self righteous much??
ha ha ha
do you see that we are all inclined towards changing before our own beliefs choke us in to misery and pain..
is that how you wan to live, sugar?
No! You will lay down all weapons and shield for a moment  or a  will listen and make adjustments..
you will not be offended things are not the way you want them..
you will not be offended
you will rest
you will allow for the future events to have a platform now. always you are free from fear, worry and guilt..
guilt is something the church buried in our Psyche for the last 2 thousand years..when you do the right thing always, you never be mad at yourself, hide or be afraid. When others do you wrong, you will allow them to be wrong..maybe you are wrong.

I had a debate with a Polish Russian fellow yesterday who said that all the gays  should be killed because god in the bible..oye!
 I layed into him about all that thought..what do you want me to do, say nothing?
god does not care who you kiss ok. If he only cares about that and not peoples head being cut off, then who is this guy? 
We talked and talked..what is up people?
How come you either want to punish your brethren or save them..
hey , I want some pals up in heaven so that you are not alone in paradise which you can never quite describe..try it..try describing heaven.
I can't, he said to me. No one has ever seen it.
He said, when he was in a comma for what ever thing, I forgot already, he saw nothing..nothing at huh!
I say, leave people's souls alone!
Leave them alone and worry about yourself and your family, your health and how you will stay warm this winter..
Wouldn't it be cool if Dr Oz , became good and taught all the right things so that people would automatically do the right thing so then they have nothing to hide and they wouldn't leave the computer porn and the controller to have some really good conversations or they could meditate and smile more and ....
nothing to hide
nothing to hide
nothin ta 

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