Tuesday, September 2, 2014

do not loose focus and do what they tell you

When you treat people nicely, they smile, some are dicks of course but for the most part..it is all good.
I always look at masters of discipline and take heed and I do my best. I hope you do too.
Don't expect too much from yourself and be forgiving..
So what, if you do not have that red leather couch or a fine college degree..yet..remember, this is what you are now and you will always change..
the trick is, do not talk too much in the morning or lament on your having to work..or your pain or your intolerance of lesser things..you need hugs, I know you do!
you must be nice, though
it is the way of all things..everything eats and is trying to survive and we are a part of something bigger than us..and you are an eater..
"again with the spirits, mom?"
I likes them..my spiritual thoughts of goodness and joy in life.
Speaking of which..Ricky Gervais is in trouble for saying a thought on twittah..and people freaked..
"if you do not want you  naked body to be seen by anyone, do not put it on your computer"
Now, it is done and your ass is exposed because you did it..so what! We have all seen an ass..look at this one..
Amber Rose twirking..ha h ahaaaaaa

Fun, right??
I believe that we should all be honest and at least try to do right.
Be kind
Have fun, laugh
do not hate on people
do not hate on prettier people
or their products
or their art
jealousy is hate, man..it is that simple.

I think that Leos have a hard time now because they do not feel like they have the things it takes to look good..lol..believe me you would look good with a potato sack over your head..you are so pretty:) Now stop worrying and bitching and lets us resolve what is holding you back from contentment..

Also, Virgo is about to shine!! Yippie!!
I hope you make truck fulls of money based on your perfect skills!

Libra...You have seen a whole lot of people come and go and still you carry on, trying not to show your grimace of pain to others. people hurt, you feel it all and it feels like the world's weight. I hope for you freedom from worry and less gluten my dear! You know your knees would feel better if you ate less bread.

Aries, honey, you do not have to share every thought and life activity with your family and friends. it can appear as if you are in crisis all the time when it is daily life..just saying..do not expect the world from loved ones and you wouldn't cry as much.
I know many Aries chicks and they are powerhouse zilla
I say take the reigns and see what you can achieve. You must know why you care so much? Stop caring? never! the next ten years are really interesting. You will begin a new thing, a job, marriage and a family..I love that for you. I think you like stabilty and constant effection or at least a daily snuggle mixed with respect and honor.

Oh and Scorpio gals, your secret life, you addictions must be met with face to face reality check. I know that you know that I know..:)this does not include having a glass of wine in the evening or a nice glass of artisan beer, dear....it may be a nagging need you keep feeding somehow. This goes for gals with planets in scorpio like myself.
I think everything is fear based.
I can tell you that this force is powerful enough to hone in on some cool stuff. you can see a wider range of ideas now. you can allow for peace from nagging worry and fear of abandonment or starvation..I mean really, no one is getting a toe cut off or anything like that..hahahaa

I rant on and on..
during a brewing for certain potions and this one is an amber patchouli oil i just brewed while chatting with you..

og jojoba
og sunflower oil
amber paste
4 drops of a perfume from White Lotus Aromatics that smells of davana or something super exotic  like that..
all you will need  is a drop and you will radiate sweetness in life, depth of passion and intense super fragrant love waves ~~~

It is wonderful to smell this now..so rich and fragrant and incense resin..I will show you that in a moment..
have a wonderful day and I will be in touch:)

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