Tuesday, April 9, 2013

techy device blues

Emily dropped her phone in the potty..a common problem in the evening when girls are relaxed and have sweats on
"What do you need your phone in the bathroom for??"
"I forgot I had it!".
 I upgraded and gave her my older phone which is in excellent condition. Besides,she is always on my phone playing words with friends..I do not mind..but then again..
"Mom, a guy named Stephen, said he wants you to come over"
"Tell him, I'm busy maybe next week!"
"Mom some girl is saying something about a guy, hurting her feelings"
"Mom, you made a sale!"
That, I didn't mind so much, it was like having a secretary.
The words with friends? Really? That is where my techy abilities just can't fathom some things, like I cloud..
Everything went great, she was happy, and then we began to adjust our emails and while she deleted them off her of now, her device..and.. just a few seconds, all my contacts on my new device,  deleted, by I Cloud!
So I have lost all numbers on my phone contacts.I did retrieve it once for a second and then, gone!

Please email me or text me if you have my number:) so that I can rebuild my contact list on my techy device.
thank you:) xo

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