Monday, April 8, 2013

listening to Micheal Moore reading his own book

here comes trouble

He is an early Taurus and all through the book, I am listening to him tell of a finer time and better time here in Michigan where white people and Catholics could live the lie and wish and dream  a better future..then the Detroit riots happened and Detroit was burned down to become the unfulfilled and broken down piece of crap there ever was..I know I do not want to go there often..there are some today working to revive the town and make it safe and lovely again.
I mean why burn historic buildings down? Why kill?
Maybe it is because "Detroiters" during that time were that pissed off at whites for years of slavery and mistreatment of their brown fellow man..he talks about Martin Luther King being shot during Holy Week and he remembers people in church while holding a dead jesus cheering that the black man  was dead..
Is this how "good" Christians act?
but he does go on and on about his simple white upbringing and makes his mom into a saint..she seemed that way to me and always loved her kids..
But Micheal's Taurus, comes out through his bitterness towards his fellow man..and say what you will about the truth Micheal, you were wrong to use  your political truths at a celebration of art..not that I care if Holywood's protocol was rocked! I mean really, they aren't royalty and if they were, how would that really effect us? We want to see their clothes and hair!
So, the fact that this guy now has to hire navy seals to protect him from the many people who have tried to kill him is stunning..I mean it is 2013 + 3.5 billion on Earth!!
Oh, and only latino or black ones as no white navy seal wants to guard him...
He got kicked out of the seminary for asking too many questions.:)
That is me. I want to know details!
He analyzed the bible and asked why's and  they said no, you cannot stay, we have been doing this for two thousand years!
Oh, and, did you know catholic priests could marry until the 11 century?
Many popes were married, the apostles were married, some rumors are surfacing that Jesus was married because no decent man in his thirties during that time in history, would be respected otherwise..and then some pope guy comes around a thousand years later and says sex is bad, loving your body is a sin and women basically suck because of their viginas..
I am the one saying vigina not Micheal..a hard word to say, right?

have a wonderful day

spinach smoothie
a handful of spinach
one apple organic
an orange with some of the peel
a little water, I like coconut water
blend and drink


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