Tuesday, April 2, 2013

more dreams like a flowing river

and I am looking at Chiron and Neptune in Pisces with a bunch of inner planets in Aries connected to Uranus.
Intense time for Aries but so productive.. mold what you want to mold Aries.
 For Libra it means be humble and work hard at what you love and your true art will come through as a masterpiece.
Gemini, you are all to yourself, it is ok..I love you.
Taurus, the move, the house, the most awesome sheets on your bed..yes, you are tired and it is almost time for rest, almost..
Cancer, you work so hard and look so suave while working..curvy bod, like ishtar2013..
Leo, dude, I know, I know, you are awesome, and pretty and loyal and people just want you in their space.

Virgo, yes, well, the world sucks sometimes, and you have been bitter and hateful in the past..be more accepting and doors just open for you, by the way I suggest you put away your bible, bagavad gita and whatever other dogma you have in your mind too, more doors will open..

Scorpio, clean your home and you find hidden treasure.

Sagittarius, honey, I don't get you, you are so smart and the spew out a bunch of social crap that doesn't matter..the rules were made for you not you for the rules..this goes for sag rising too..
your reputation will precede you..

Capricorn, let others shine and read more books.

Aquarius, I just think you shot an arrow too far and you didn't look in the mirror enough to know who you are. Your words do matter and your deeds show through, some of you are thriving in knowledge and some hurting from being rejected..both?

Dang man, if you are creeping out about now, you are probably not reading this blog so I won't go creeper talk on you..If it is a dirty secret, then you are doing wrong..simple!
I will say that if you are shady and think no one knows, you are wrong. They know..why?
 Because you cannot hide your lying eyes, not to me anyhow and not to Pisces either..and they are  the ones with bread and twenty dollars when you want it!

have a wonderful day, I am going to make some brownies

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