Tuesday, April 16, 2013

angry thoughts turned to vengence

yup~~ it is an intense time in astrology plus we are crossing over some sort of photon belt in space and it makes weaker types more weak and makes anger come out of our mouths and complells us towards changing.
It is a huge time, huge..
I am very upset about Boston! I haven't slept a wink!
How long will we hurt one another like this for God? How ridiculous is the concept of heaven and hell? So literally taken!!
Heaven for the good and hell and suffering for the bad. If God made hell for his children to boil in,  he must be some kind of jerk! I mean these are times he should have come through  before someone does wrong if he were real. And why is he going around killing first born babies? Weren't the Egyptians his children too? Did he make everything or not?
I am pissed because this is such bull shit!
"who ever did this would go to hell on a jet plane if hell were real", I said, shaking my head.
"hell is real. so is heaven"
"no it isn't, that is stupid!"
"yes it is"
We were in the office, my beloved co-worker and I. the others in there told us to shut up now  That it would be a futile fight between us..
I go through this with Lucy all the time. How can she be so smart and so ready to fall in line with her catholic rules of who is chosen to be with God?
All I know is this; I am pissed! A little boy died right there because some uneducated hater wanted to hurt innocents.
How satisfied does he feel now?
You know they live through things like this in Israel and Palestine for years now, many years! Bombs, and shootings all the time because some ass is working for God!
Which ever side God's on, he doesn't care, that is what I see, which is why, I am not stupid!
I just wonder how much longer it'll be before we finally understand the space we are in? The huge vast distance of space and time, fed by stars people, and in charge of our own god within,our own mind and our own hope for peace..

These people must evolve but in to what?

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