Sunday, April 21, 2013


before you say the worst things, say the truth not your oppinions
this is what I am finding more and more as I grow older

Here is the thing, I have an opportunity to mature as an amazing skin care expert..that there is good!
I am becoming better and better.
One thing I've learned with skin care  is that some people don't want to accept the truth about ingredients, but the ones that do, really see a difference and huge impriovements  right off.
Take the woman who "tried" everything for her neck right at her hair line, it gets warm and damp and it is perfect for bacteria to grow.
She came in in tears. I looked at it and knew what was up. "I'd put some frankincense right on that" I said to  her..she had scratched it so much that it was torn up a little but she still put it on every day. The first time it stung and I thought she would freak but she  said even in the stinging she felt relief. Whew!!
I was a little  nervous, I mean you never know how conventional people can get..
"why don't you get some real borrage oil instead of breaking a gelatin capsule?" I'll say now and again to some lady off the street.
"No, I want to do it like Dr. Oz said."
"Ok, well thanks for stopping by, here is your borrage oil for your face in a gelatin capsule."
Some of them listen to me.
I tell them how to make calendula oil and I tell them to try a balm instead of a cream of fakin potasium fakin sorbate...I don't say that to them..we can't say fak in a public setting :)
Here is my thing and I will chant this all day, if it is made in a lab in a vat with "people dust"  which has strange people's skin particles floating in it and then you put some fakin potassium sorbate in there and then there are all the other  so called botanicals and then I even hear rumors and frankly I think they may be true, even  today's grapefruit seed extract is a far cry from the stuff that Aubrey used in the 70's.
Word has it that grapefruit seed extract is super fake, word has it.. and what about linalol? If there is lavender oil, just say so. Why do you not just say so?
I never use that stuff anyhow so it doesn't bother me. I do not want it. In my opinion, which is humble, small batches of anything is better than giant. If you want a milky  cleanser get yourself some dry milk and some ground garbanzo flour and some clay and you have a milky cleanser for your face.
I like simple things, classy things and super clean things.

classy face cleaner

2 tablespoons each
 og garbanzo flour
og goats milk powder
1 tablespoon clay of your choice

5 drops frankincense
3 drops chamomile
1 drop rose
mix well
pour in to a jar
and use it~ a pearl sized amount with a sprinkle of warm water makes a nice face cleaner..
apply borrage oil after you rinse on your damp face, cold pressed organic borrage, or evening primrose, or pomagranate, organic jojoba, organic argan, they are all nice.
Pat dry after a few minutes and your face should be quite radiant..

today is a good day
thank you xo

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