Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pluto is about to go retro

By Saturday, there will be some sort of magnetic shift.
What that means is that even now you are feeling it. More resolve, more steady, surefooted and better understanding of all people around you. Be honest and for God's sake, Crisco on your face?
Is everything about skincare?
Yes! :)
See, when you obsess and try and re- do and buy yet another friking kukui lotion with glycerin and then you say, "well, somebody told me Crisco on the face is really good, and I put it on, and you know what, my skin felt good that night"
Crisco, really?
Are you that freaked out all day about aging that you are now listening to anyone who says they know what is good and you just go ahead and do that with out ever staying steady on your plan to use one thing at a time?
Crisco! She comes in and tells me of her skin try-alls as I refer to them..she layers and layers all these filthy creams..
I scolded her about the Crisco..
"hydrogen never leaves your body, never"
What I should have told her is that, she is a freak and Pluto is making her crazy and she is cramming everything she can in to her habit.
Pluto is all about habits and how you must at some point adjust yourself so that you can be happier.
the best things:
be happy
lay it down
do your best
be honest
be glad
be supportive
be generous
don't just blindly listen to any freak about your belly or your face, but read a book or learn on line...
synthetic sun screen is bad and does not anti age anything!
choose some thing which can serve you or you are the servant. That is Pluto to me.

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