Friday, April 19, 2013

I want

Pluto is all about, I want and sometimes not getting it.
Reviewing why we don't get what we want is Saturn which as it coasts through Scorpio, we can have some resolve as  to the why nots and the dang its..
I feel sad about the world...I hate my government, or they can't be trusted, they'll take away my guns..they will take away my rights..
(they already have and no matter how many guns there are in your home, you will not escape them and their another rant)
choose which thought enters your mind first, in another scenario...

"I want to have freedom from fear of money"
"I don't want to constantly be afraid of facing my money fears"

"I always have enough"
"All of my needs are met"
"how am I going to make it?
 "i don't want  to be poor
I don't want to suffer
i don want to loose my credit cards"

"I always have enough and all of my needs are met"

"I want my lover to love me and not waste my time, I want to be in a healthy honest  relationship"
(your wish is my command)
"I don't want some guy who insults me all day only to later makes up for it by toying with my emotional needs.."
(your wish is my command)

"All of my relationships are based on a healthy honest vibe, which permeates through my life all day"


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