Friday, April 12, 2013

pluto retro news

This was yesterday, obsessions in some may lead to wrong behavior.
This is how I look at it (again)

Pluto( ruler of Scorpio Mars energy, secrets)
Capricorn (endings and house full of hurt feelings)

You have your players..Uranus in Aries, passion, force, skill warmth, the trickster) yes, and  look at Saturn in Scorpio, the ruler of Capricorn bringing all sorts of revelations..yea?

all I know is this;
if you are lying, you are dying
dying a slow burning death that never satisfies .I mean, that if a person is generally willing to do good deeds, have noble thoughts, usually, whatever event they are going through can be handled with finesse..even tragedies .what, you think your the only one having to suffer like this? People get their bones broken and their hearts broken too..I have! Plenty! but and I say this so gratefully, I am not the one crying at this juncture in, it is others..sad ones, choosing to nurture their hurt feelings..
some... so inclined..they want to sneak around, have that certain something,  controlling every event, so that they do not have to be alone. alone with the truth that they are alone.
Seems like Pluto can bring that out right now. Pluto makes you feel like it is the last chance and after this, there is nothing good..and..that is a lie, my sweeties..the truth is, that there is always something better and more satisfying, but taking that chance requires courage to face your most undesired attraction and face it but good.
You can cry..spill the dirty tears of regret, because the new ones will be clearer, more radiant:)
understand, you have to change your mind, you must, you will.

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