Sunday, April 14, 2013

I now smell like a fire

like a burning fire with some of the smokey glow at the end of it..
It was an experience I can tell you that!
Using castor oil and birch tar may have been something I wasn't completely prepared for. Or was I?
As soon as I added the catalist, the soap cream was ready..It took no longer than 30 seconds..and then as I added the birch tar and ground Icelandic moss, it went solid..
I had to make sure all the material was well mixed and that almost seemed  impossible as the initial wave of birch fumes, took me by surprize!
I was in emergency mode..I pulled out the huge croc pot and put it all in there and re melted it  and then I was able to at least spoon it out and smash it in its final phase!
Needless to say, everyone came out of thier nooks in the house and ran to the kitchen and asked about the smell. It permeated the whole place. I am sure the neighbor across the street could smell it. It has settled in to a distant smokey remnant now, but I can still smell smoke lingering on my skin and a stand of my hair now and again.
Everything is learning and staying calm in the face of terror whist being expedient! The soap.. is very ugly soap but not..I will wait and see it during the light of day later and see how I want to describe this ancient soap with a new age twist from castor and organic coconut oil and the castor generously added because should someone want to wash their scalp with some birch tar..
untill then...
have a wonderful day:):)

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