Friday, April 26, 2013

why sculcap?

Michigan skullcap is everywhere and starting come come out. Delphiniums are coming out as well as wormwood and zdravets too. I am very excited about skullcap and hope to have it growing in the wilder parts of my area here soon. Meanwhile I must start walking the woods here to see what grows wild and where. I am lucky at the moment to be working with a young girl who knows many species of wild herbs and medicinals  here in Michigan. Time to get myself a field guide and go.

It is exciting to use wild herbs because the energy they have is stronger due to the nature of their survival mechanisms. They develop components which protect the plant during harsh conditions.
Skullcap herb is wonderful for relaxation and calmatude. It is also able to help with pain and inflammation, anxiety and skin related stresses due to its high amounts of antioxidants and glycosides..yes, I did say glycosides..
Hey man, if you're all freaked out about your boyfriend or your new boss who is a jerk, skullcap won't solve those problems. But, if you want to chill out in the evening and get a little buzz from skullcap, why not? Skullcap takes the edge off and maybe even lets you close your eyes for a minute and then you can look at the whole picture and you realize who you are and where you're going from here.
Should you want to quit smoking, skullcap is nice to relax your the olden days they would smoke skullcap herb to relax the lungs.. I am just saying make a tea with the dry herb and mostly leaves because the leaves contain more of the "stuff" of skullcap..

there are 200 species of skullcap herb on earth and lately this herb calls to me. I am invoking skullcap.

Family Mint
Ruler is Mercury
Blesses the Mind
Sweetens the Words
Works great for Gemini, then Libra and then Aquarius because its  air element but everyone can have a little dose of poise now and again. you do not have to be a Gemini to enjoy skullcap.

blend dried skullcap leaves with lavender flowers, parsley and and ground flax seeds (steep for 15 minutes)and drink for pure satisfaction and better breathing abilities..breathe in four hold four, out four, stay empty for four.

have a wonderful day

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