Monday, April 1, 2013


baby pig, awe!!!

I dreamed about one ( a scorpio that i knew once) last feels like for some, turmoil and shedding off theirs veils. For other Scorpios  there are rewards and a bit of reprieve from the turbulence. It all seems to reflect whether you are an early, middle or late Scorpio. In any event, there will be payment to the piper or government..that is always a strain on Scorpio..not all outward, but yes, payment..give it! Say thank you for this lesson, move on..what are you gonna beat your club against the wall and scream at the injustice of life? You'll just hurt your belly, your liver, gall bladder which is greedy hoarding to past pain...
just pay the price and move on..besides no matter how bad the economy, the government, the doctors and Monsanto is, you are right now, what you are.. and no one really dies forever..that is what Jesus is trying to say and we made him in to some sort of zombie that we can't even agree what day to honor his words..all made up, the days are..because time is something really big..dark matter driven by energy and light..bigger than earthly man made sorrows..
be like a baby, so happy and content to have a nap and someone who loves him:)

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