Saturday, April 13, 2013

anastasia's famous birch tar shampoo bar

that is the plan in the works for today. Plus i would like to make more lavender patchouli with some geranium, clary sage and vetiver..doesn't that sound nice? Like a  fougere blend. mossy and fern like...
I will need to go to Zerbos and get some castor oil for my birch soap  and then I will make it, my way. (it could be famous:))
Without palm oil or animal fats of course!
Birch tar is a most useful item from nature. They (people) began using it around 40 thousand years ago to hold weapons together and they must have realized after handling it that it killed certain bacteria and fungus on the skin..I can be quite sure that cave men got scraped up quite a bit and they probably saw that their skin didn't puss up when they applied the birch tar..
Birch is one of the oldest organisms on earth. Perhaps billions of years thriving and spreading itself throughout the northern hemisphere..
Plus the tree itself it is quite pretty!

The essential oil  that I have is smokey, woodsy and to tell the truth keeps calling me to work with it. It does have a nice attraction, I must say. too much and not enough at the same time.
plus now and again, some one will ask if I have pine tar soap? I am always in my head, like, "No! I make mostly aromatic soap!" But hey man, lately I am attracted to the smokey woods, the mosses and the smell from a good fire!

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