Sunday, April 7, 2013

my mom and the dark ages

The woman seems to have appeared from the dark ages what with her robes and yesterday she met the cat because my  Emily wanted to share that we have a "sweety kitty" who lives here.
So Emily comes out holding her and yia yia says, "I don't like cats, especially black ones",
while'st reaching out as just as quickly to stroke the little fluffy sweety! I mean really, how can you not?
She is from the dark ages mommy is, I tell you. She still rolls out filo and brings it to me stuffed with cheese and spinach and all sorts of  food that her people ate three, four hundred years ago, made in the same tradition..and, "oh, I made this cake for your coffee!"
All this during a ten minute visit  with papou talking the whole time, interrupting yia yia the whole time because he couldn't  get all his questions in in the allotted time limit.
not too deep

hows work?
good good
a lot of people?
yes, about a thousand
the house is nice and clean
hows the car?
good nice
how many miles does it have?

He was floored that I was so precise.
I knew he would ask me this morning because it had been a week since I saw my parents and now that the big melt is on they can  go out..
"what is ginger?"
Now, I was floored! Since when does he know of ginger? I gave him a jar I had in the cabinet. I gave him a jar of probiotics too..I hope he takes the later..and the ginger..

Have a wonderful day!

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