Monday, April 29, 2013

that is a lot of bull

Three planets in Taurus and we're making it work!
Remeber however, Taurus is about resentment and not letting go as much as it is about art and beauty and good food and loyalty.
You do wrong to a Taurus type and he'll never forget it. He may(not) forgive you but dang it man, he won't forget.
This is effecting all of us now because after all we're all here on earth and the tidal magnetic flows will... definately effect us, our blood and our hearts.
Taurus is about blood and heart, yes?
 I think so anyhow!

How to ensure a suave day with all this bully bully?
Hey man, I say, speak your mind and show your heart and hopefully you have become a good person enough where the words that come out will reflect that.
Control freaks, will be exposed!

Drink a shot of wheat grass juice to purify and strengthen your blood with clorophyl and minerals.

Now as far as the rest goes, what a nice time it is to get some things in order in your home. Clean up a little, fold your clothes and make some food for your fams. They will want that now and need a little spiritual nourishment from you.
You, who makes all the awesome food with care and good intentions.
If your intentions are sadly on the wrong end of Taurus's comfort zone, well, all I can say is, look out, and stay as calm as possible. make love, make nice:)
make more love:) and put on a nice blouse with a nice pair of lace panties under...even if, no one can see it, it'll be your luscious secret.

Agapimeni Perfume
(it means to be loved)
8 drops patchouli
8 drops mandarin
8 drops neroli
8 drops pink grapefruit oil
1 drop rose
1 drop vetiver
1 drop frankincense

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