Sunday, April 28, 2013

sing it

om shanti shanti shanti
thank you for stopping by and saying hello to me.
I hope you are staying calm and radiant during this intense eclipse.
Do not be affraid to speak your mind and if you are like me there will be tears as you speak.
Ah, you are so intense so enraged at injustice and manipulation..
yes, you are!
Some ideas are there for you to reject and your true nature shines forth to light the way for others to understand.
there are ghosts to face, unknown fears lurking at the depth of your mind. fears of rejection and failure, and fears of loneliness and famine..
calm down step back and be honest with yourself.
Remeber that ghosts do not exhist, they are melrey fears in your mind and you must face them head on with eyes open
I love you:)
hari hari
sing it honey
feel the power of the speed of the univerese and let it carry you accross the real hevens in your brain...
that soft moushy sponge computer in your head..

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