Wednesday, April 17, 2013

momma said

I want to tell you sweet things
I want to say, I love you, I do love you:)
I want you to be so healthy
and have always enough
a look stunning
and forgiving
I want to tell you how helping is what humans do
fine I will tell it! And then I'll rant!

A new beginning of what is to come really Uranus/ Pluto energy..since Aries dominates at moment, we have a glimpse of the emotions on Earth.
Do I have to tell you to stay inside most days? Well, yes, it would behoove you to.  The more you mingle in the crowd the more opportunity there will be for some to get stepped on. That is The year Of the Snake plus Pluto Square Uranus plus the Sun in Aries at the moment..and I must remind myself that it is always a moment between good times and bad times..a pinch of time in space.
 Space is violent.
Humans are by instinct violent and everything fights to survive.

The haters will dissolve in to distant memories in a thousand years..ah the dominant ones, all for dominance, controlling all the money and  religion and killing for the lord, to protect him..and to kill the infidels or those without know, because Jesus needs people to kill others in his name or Mohamed needs people to kill in his name..if that were true then they weren't really so powerful in the first place..I know if my boy were being tortured and I could save him, I would and I certainly wouldn't make him suffer and then proclaim that it was for the good of the people..rubbish!
Do you see why I get so worked up? How many more must die for God?

My mom said to calm down. I am like, "mom, how come these people's mommas didn't teach them to always be nice and respectful?
There is nothing wrong with that!"
You know what she said?
"well, don't involve yourself with the world's affairs so much.."
Momma said my momma said..

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