Thursday, April 4, 2013


I mean, I do not even know the guy!
I do know that he should smell like a tree!

Heathen Foil Art

When I set out to know Odin  I finally remembered my runes, which I loved and used all the time..Now I remember how he is very cool! He invented runes, runes are Odin.
 He is one of the first linguists  for the human race...the complexity and sophistication of the symbols still remains true to who we are as a species. What is 10 thousand years ago when we are talking billions of years as Earth creatures?
Odin was created  for a society which was no longer roaming but settled in one spot, growing food and having a big strong leader to protect you with his spear.
These symbols became a perfect way for people to communicate over a large area rather than only in their villages and if I may add, where, humans began forming words, actual words instead of just sounds..

But, I am not here to talk about archaeology!

I want us to Chanel Odin.
Become the magician. To become so strong that you are not effected by mundane stupid shit!
Become one with profound skill, with the ability of thorough investigation of events at a blink of an eye!~
And smell like a tree..nothing wrong with that! Right?

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