Saturday, April 20, 2013

favorite essential oil? really?

Like I could choose just one!
Right now I am in love with oakmoss. I am in love with vetiver and guess what? I am loving lavender. I go through ins and outs with lavender. I get so caught up with frankincense that I forget about lavender. Or rose,  well, it is wonderful, rose is!
I have been cutting the fern soap I made the other day.
clary sage
a bunch of kanwa clay and....
It is gonna be great! Omg, so good. the oak moss is from Sunrose and I must say, it is the best I've had since the old days when the mysore sandalwood flowed..and the lavenders were in kilo sizes..kilos!
The oils I had blended for the fern soap and intended for this blend have shown me once again that I have no control over their beauty and ways in which they will become..

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