Wednesday, April 10, 2013

saffron and milk thistle soap

I started with the spice blend
full on turmeric & ginger with back up from cumin and cardamom, black pepper, clove and organic ground cinnamon...all og all day.
I then added milk thistle well ground with grape seed powder both organic..
 some saffron threads and I ground all that some more:) yes, I did!

Now the oils to scent..
Nerolina, sweet floral, some champaca flower, some jasmine and some nutmeg co2, some ginger co2 and pink lotus absolute.
smells like nothing you have ever experienced before..
Now, I wait to let it cool off so I can cut it. Not until tonight will I be able to. So, all day, I will anticipate this wonderful blessing of oils and sunshine vibes! And I already wonder what it is doing to itself? I'll pass by, take another smell of it and smile..oh man I think to myself..this is so intoxicatingly  delightful..
How did I get to do something so special?
saffron and milk thistle


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